PSYCHOLOGY    -   The  Study  Of  Human  Behavioral  Processes.

PSYCHOLOGIST -  Seeks To Define, Describe  And  Predict Human  Behavior  And  Mental Processes. To Help Improve The Lives Of  People  And  The World  In  Which  They Live.  

PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES - PSYCHOTHERAPY - Defined  As Process That Seeks To Facilitate Personal Change And Growth.



When you're  depressed  or  anxious, it's  common to  feel that you  are broken, flawed  or 'less  than'  in  comparison to other people - because  you  think  and [then] feel  that. The  truth is,   you  are  not   inherently a  negative   person, or worrisome, or depressed or anxious person - you  may simply be 'thinking' in a way that makes you feel or experience life as though   you   are.   Once   you understand how your thinking   patterns    work,  and  how  they  build upon  themselves -- you  can   use   the  same  process   that  drives   you   deeper  into your negative and/or inaccurate thoughts and resulting behavior(s), to overcome  the   many  symptoms of your negative and/or inaccurate thought  patterns.  The key is to separate your 'true self'  from your depressed, anxious or worrisome self-which is often brought  about  by negative  and/or inaccurate  thought patterns.



The question of how to find a psychologist often begins with identifying the areas of one's life that could most benefit from change, improvement or adjustment...


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